T H E   G R I Z Z L E   C O M P A N Y
Suite 400
  1400 Sixteenth Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C.  20036
202.234.2101 (office)
202.234.1416 (fax)

    The Grizzle Company combines an intimate knowledge of Congress and the Executive Branch with a keen political insight into the legislative and regulatory development process to assist public, private and nonprofit clients.  The firm's small size enables it to provide highly personalized, cost effective service to its clients.

    The Grizzle Company assists its clients in framing and presenting their issues and concerns to Congress and federal agencies.  By working with clients to jointly develop the positions which we  advocate on their behalf,  we gain an intimate understanding of their business operations and their particular needs, thus equipping us to effectively portray those concerns to federal decision makers.

    Our extensive experience in the political arena produces a unique understanding of the pressures that influence legislative and regulatory priorities.  The commitment to a substantive understanding of our clients’ specific needs, combined with our knowledge of the legislative and regulatory processes, vastly improves the likelihood of success.

    The Grizzle Company has considerable expertise managing environmental and appropriation issues before Congress and the Executive Branch, and is well known to key Capitol Hill policy makers and government officials at all levels.  While we have an excellent history of working smoothly with both sides of the aisle in Congress, our strong Republican credentials allow us to bring a client's interests to the immediate attention of the most influential leaders in the White House or in Congress.  Similarly, our professional credibility allows us to do the same with departmental officials.

    Recognizing that early involvement is the most effective, we work with our clients to identify and prioritize those issues of concern.  Once identified, we jointly conceptualize, develop and implement effective strategies to meet the client's goals.  We offer our clients the ability to mount legislative and regulatory initiatives efficiently, effectively and productively, to become proactive and not just reactive.  Most importantly, the constant personalized communication we maintain with our clients enables them to make the best possible decisions in reaching a desired solution to their problems.